Lego Sonic Gameplay & Details Explained

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Sonic is coming to Lego Dimensions and he is rolling around at the speed of sound in LEGO form! Some details came out of a recent IGN Live video that Sonic Stadium reported on.

  • 7 Stages.
  • “It practically is a Sonic game”
  • Battle Arena based on “Carnival Zone.” – “Brightly coloured, neon mashup.”
  • Lots of boss fights.
  • Confirmation that Sonic’s ring is based off the Lego Toilet Seat.

It means a lot of content is in store for Sonic’s level pack and it establishes how Year 2 Level Packs will have much more content than the ones for Year 1 (which lasted 20-40 minutes in length). Zones confirmed to appear in Lego Dimensions include the following: Green Hill, Labyrinth, Marble, Death Egg & Emerald Coast. With seven stages confirmed to appear in the game, that means we are more or less getting a full Sonic game inside Dimensions!
Sonic’s battle arena is called ‘Carnival Zone’, likely being influence by Casino-themed stages from the Classic Era games like Casino Night, Carnival Night, & Spring Stadium.
Source: Sonic Stadium  

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