Claire: Extended Cut (PS Vita/PS4) – Launch Trailer & Releasing August 30th in NA & EU

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This horror title from developer HailStorm called Claire Extended Cut takes inspiration from horror classics like Silent Hill in creating an haunting experience for PS4 & Vita gamers.

We are excited to announce that Claire: Extended Cut is coming to PS4 on Tuesday, 30th August. Two years in the making, our small team has put in countless hours and extra love into the Extended Cut for PS4.
The most exciting feature is our upgraded engine and ability to pull in dynamic lighting and real-time shadows into this retro-styled game. We’ve created an amalgam of old-world pixel art techniques with new-world technology. The game’s been overhauled with false depth and 3D objects to create a 2.5D result. The world is alive and moving, Claire’s not just being chased by shadow creatures, but by her own shadow and everything around her! Extended Cut is a lot closer to our original vision of what Claire could be.

Claire: Extended CutClaire: Extended CutClaire: Extended Cut

While the environment of Claire is dark, brooding and somewhat sarcastic, we didn’t want to make the standard dull… grungy… grey… bloody… type of horror game. We really wanted to balance horror with a bit of beauty. Those moments of respite where Claire can relax for a few minutes before reality kicks back in again.

The game is releasing on both PS Vita & PS4 (Cross-Buy Support) Tuesday August 30th for both North American & European PlayStation Network storefronts.
Source: PlayStation Blog EU Post

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