SEGA of Europe Interview Hints at Future PC Ports

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SEGA recently had an interview and TSSZ News, major news site that covers SEGA & Sonic news, reported on an interesting bit from the interview.

RPS: You have a lot of IPs, of course, some of which we haven’t seen for a long time.
Post: We have different initiatives around the older Sega IPs. The Megadrive Collection is one of those, for the people who want to play retro games. But then we have games like Shenmue, which was pretty much at the top of every list of titles that people wanted to see revived. We have more though and we’re constantly looking at them.
We have some great IPs coming out next year and we’ll have announcements toward the end of this year about some of those. New versions of old games.

This continues the hinting that SEGA has been doing the past few months regarding more Steam releases of games. Vanquish, Sonic Unleashed & more are hopefully coming to the PC in the future, so we will be reporting more on this as information comes out. Thank you Donnie aka @SSF1991 for reporting on this story.
Source: TSSZ News

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