Nintendo Direct (9.1.2016) Overview

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Nintendo recently held there 3DS Nintendo Direct and we got a lot to talk about based on what was shown.

  • Pokemon Sun & Moon is Releasing in November with the Pokemon Munchlax being a free downloadable Pokemon during the games launch.
  • Yokai-Watch 2 was shown off and will be releasing in September with two versions. Each version has unique Yokai to befriend and you can trade Yoaki-Metals with friends via local trading. Special Yokai will be free bonuses to day-one buyers when you get the digitally or you can get a special Metal that unlocks new moves for the Yoaki Jibanyan.
  • Two Wii U ports were announced coming to the Nintendo 3DS both this year (Mario Maker 3DS) and next year (Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World). The former will be more or less the same game with new Nintendo-crafted levels & will use the touch screen for level creation and will launch this December. The later will have the same levels & content as the Wii U version but with special stop-motion shorts & Poochy mini-levels being added. The game is releasing in February 2017.
  • Pikmin was announced for the 3DS for 2017. It is a side-scrolling adventure game where you use the touch screen to throw Pikmin at objects to interact with them.
  • Mario Sports Collection announced for 2017 on 3DS. It takes a number of sports featured in stand alone sports titles (Mario Tennis Open, Mario Golf World Tour, Mario Super Sluggers) and mini games featured in the Mario & Sonic series (Horse Racing & Soccer) in a neat little collection. Nintendo stated each sport has single & multiplayer modes and characters confirmed so far include Mario, Peach and the Koppalings.
  • Third party titles like Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice, Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, and Dragon Quest VII were shown off in more detail.
  • Picross 3D 2 & Hyrule Warriors Legends – Spirit Tracks & Phantom Hour Glass Pack releasing today after the Direct. The former has a demo you can play too.
  • Zelda is getting a lot this fall; New Amiibo (8-Bit Link, OoT Link, Toon Link & Zelda) are releasing and will work like normal Link & Zelda amiibo. But they have special functionality in Breath of the Wild. Nintendo also announced two more Zelda related things; they are working with Dark Horse Comics for three Zelda books (one announced being an art book) and that Skyward Sword is getting a digital release on the Wii U (Digital Wii Game) today.
  • Street-Pass (3DS) getting update that makes it faster to access the Street Pass games.
  • Ever Oasis was shown off more, with the game releasing in 2017. It blends Grezzo’s past work on the Zelda franchise with a base-managing system for your main oasis. It looks very promising and we will learn more as information releases.
  • Animal Crossing New Leaf getting an amiibo update later this year but Nintendo will be releasing new Amiibo cards and a special retail cart with the update will release this year too.

That is it for Nintendo news out of the Direct and it was enjoyable to watch. Nintendo has a lot in store for the 3DS platform and its great to see all these upcoming games get some attention.

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