Digital Foundry – Hands on with the PS4 Slim

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Digital Foundry got hands-on time with the upcoming revision of the PS4 The PS4 Slim. This new console is smaller than the standard PS4 and it has more changes to make it a better system over the original release. You can watch the above video for a detailed explanation about this new revised platform but you can also see a detailed breakdown on Digital Foundry’s site (which will be at the source link).

We should stress once again that final numbers on this – plus any differences in game performance (we are not expecting any) will have to wait until a retail unit sits in the Digital Foundry office. Overall, we’ve only had a very short amount of time with the revised PlayStation 4 so far and we’re eager to hammer down the results once we have a system in the office, but the outlook is very promising. The console is smaller and more discrete, but this hasn’t resulted in any kind of noticeable compromise to system performance. The key litmus test is this: given the choice between a brand new PS4 Slim and the existing CUH-1200 model, which one would I pick? Well, based on the couple of hours spent with the new hardware, it’s a no-brainer – the new PS4 is a winner. Fundamentally, it addresses one of the weakest points of the current generation PlayStation 4 – the noise level: it appears to be significantly quieter in many scenarios. In fact, in the tests we ran using digital content (ie no BD drive noise), it’s up there with the original Xbox One and marginally quieter than the Xbox One S. We’ll update with more metrics once we have the hardware in hand, but right now, this tidy little unit looks like a really impressive revision.

Source: Digital Foundry


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