Ninja Usamgimaru: The Mysterious Karakuri Castle (3DS) Announced! – Sept. Release in NA & EU

This upcoming puzzle platformer is coming to the Nintendo 3DS on September 29th both in NA & EU! Below is a press release from Aksys Games detailing the games features and summary. We will be covering more on this title as further information releases.

Aksys Games with Arc System Works and F K Digital proudly announce that Ninja Usagimaru: The Mysterious Karakuri Castle will be available in North America and Europe 9/29/16 for the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo 3DS hand-held system!

Ninja Usagimaru: The Mysterious Karakuri Castle is an action puzzle game that challenges players to put their sharpened ninja skills to the test! Taking place in a time long forgotten by men, players assume the role of Usagimaru, a legendary hero who embarks on a massive quest to save his village from the clutches of vile monsters.


Source: Aksys Games Press Release

Key Features
Path of the Ninja- Travel through 60+ mindboggling levels to rescue captured villagers and restore order to the land. Ready to reap the rewards of a true ninja warrior? Freeing villagers will bestow items to boost Usagimaru’s abilities!
Master Your Surroundings- Navigate tough traps, manipulate the environment and overcome brain twisting puzzles as the one and only Usagimaru!
A Hero’s Challenge- Once you’ve bested the main game, unlock even more levels to test your might! Earn and collect definitive titles based on in game performance and play style!

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