ReCore: Issues with Loading Times after Death, Bugs & Glitches? (Discovered by @PressStartKofi)

While footage from the upcoming Xbox One & Windows 10 title ReCore came out recently, some of it presented some major issues. You can see @PressStartKofi from Twitter reporting on this, as has been playing the game and even posted a first impressions video on 9/10/2016.

Some issues ReCore has been facing are numerous and will be listed below. Thank you @PressStartKofi for reporting on this and sharing your experience with the game, as this could extend to many other players when the game releases soon.

Its worth noting that he has the day-one patch installed and is playing on a brand-new Xbox One S. He reports that he has had no issues playing Halo & Gears of War on his Xbox One S, so it is NOT his console or its hard drive causing issues you see below. Will be linking to a video where he explains the situation better here. 



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