Why We Are Ubisoft – Vivendi Takeover Still in Process & Ubisoft Speaks Out

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Ubisoft is starting a new movement called We Are Ubisoft in response to recent take-over attempts for company ownership by Vivendi. They have been trying to have majority stake in the studio since early 2016 and was able to fully purchase ownership rights to a part of Ubisoft, Gameloft, who is known for high-end mobile productions.
To better explain things, here is a post from NeoGaf User FyreWulff regarding the situation.

Vivendi will likely just use Ubisoft to park their debt carcasses and leave it to wither. “But FyreWulff, they wouldn’t do that to a company they invested in!” the general public would say.
But.. they tried to do that to Activision. The publisher/owner of CoD, WoW, and all those games? Yep, they tried to just use Acti to shove off most of their debt to make their books look good. Didn’t care about legacy, people, or anything else. It was all about looking good for the next 3 months. They were willing to shoot one of the largest successful publishers in the back just to do this. Activision basically went into panic mode and survived it by reverse-hostile-takeovering themselves. Ubisoft doesn’t have the money Acti did to get out of this situation.
tl;dr: If Vivendi pulls this off, Ubisoft is dead within a year.

If Vivendi owns Ubisoft, its possible that the publishing house can greatly change within the next year or so. Many franchises like Rayman, Assassins Creed, The Crew, Splinter Cell, The Division, & Ghost Recon could be gone if the takeover is successful. Currently, Ubisoft has plenty of releases planed for the next two years & are currently having ‘We Are Ubisoft’ being icons for a number of social media profiles related to the publisher.
The source link for the above video & the quote will be here but other articles & reports covering this situation can be found below.

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