Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime Preview + Pokemon Horizon Manga info!

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Today is another day filled with well, lots of new things for Pokemon fans but I gotta be honest like everyone, the S&M Anime isn’t looking stellar so far but then you discover that everything else does. Let’s cut to the chase:

  • The upcoming 3DS game “Pokemon (Pocket Monsters): Sun & Moon” is getting its own anime with the same name, it begins broadcasting in Japan in November, with an official website accompanying it as well.
  • A manga with the name of “Pokemon (Pocket Monsters): Horizon” is being developed by Tenya Yabuno, known for Digimon V-Tamer and the Inazuma Eleven manga with it being distributed by CoroCoro in its upcoming latest monthly issue, a preview can be seen by clicking on this link.

Thanks to NeoGAF member ash_ag and the others on Twitter for notifying.


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