Digimon World: Next Order – English Translation Fully Complete Hidden Inside Chinese Vita Version

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I posted a lot of articles covering this title but after a big PR mess up, Bandai-Namco officially declared that the Vita version of Digimon World: Next Order will NOT release on Vita in the west, only the PS4 version will (with new content and updated visuals).
…..But the game is fully localized and translated in English for the Vita. This was proven by Nobunaga on GBA TempNet. He found files inside the Chinese release of Next Order that contain English text, and after switching some file names around, he was able to unlock the English localization inside Next Order.

Below is the Image of the link. I removed the link to the site as it contains download files of Next Order. This image is proof of the source.

Below is a series of images sharing proof of this statement, as they are screen-shot of the English text running on the PS Vita release of Next Order. So the game is fully localized in English for the PS Vita, but Bandai-Namco isn’t localizing the game to the PS Vita. The likely situation is that Bandai-Namco Asia localized the game for a English-Asian release not unlike Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment and Lost Song. However Bandai-Namco US/EU does not want to bring Next Order over with this translationed script.
The game is going to be fully voiced in three languages when it releases on PS4 next year, so they likely re-done the script for the game to fit the new voice acting. Still, they did localize Hollow Fragment and that game is infamous for its shoddy translation work (typos in many places, poor grammar, ect). So I honestly don’t get why they keep this hidden localization away from Vita owners and they would be more then happy to play the game in English even if it has some issues. Hollow Fragment frequently topped best selling PSN Charts for a full year after its release on Vita for example.


Thank you Chesskid1 and Hikami for pointing this out in the Upcoming Vita Games Thread on NeoGaf.
Source: NeoGaf

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  1. As several people have pointed out, nobody has been able to replicate the process through which this person came across these files and it is incredibly likely that they translated a few menus and bits of dialogue themselves specifically for these pictures. At best, this was a fan translation project that has been misunderstood tremendously, and at worst this is an attempt to pour fuel onto the flames lit by people who are upset that Bandai Namco is focusing on oenhancing and expanding the game for PS4 with more content and features rather than holding the game back and backtracking so that they can bring the Vita version (which has numerous performance issues and bugs) up to the same standard content-wise. There is also the issue that, while Cyber Sleuth was indeed one of the highest selling PS Vita games, the PS4 version still sold far far more copies and the Vita has a much smaller market outside of Japan.

    1. I didn’t post a link to that source of this news for a good reason; it contained files for the game. But English localized files WERE FOUND inside the Chinese version and the game is fully translated in English. This is NOT a fan project; its a localization done by Bandai-Namco Asia. I am upset with this news but when I report on content on 3WIREL, I make sure my sources are right and this story has a proper source.
      People have the right to be upset and this story isn’t an effort to slander Bandai-Namco in bringing the game to Vita; its a story with proper sources, correct information and is meant to highlight a fact that everyone should be aware of.

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