Tiny Metal Kickstarter Announced (Advance Wars-Inspired Title for PC)

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As Kotaku puts it: “Since developers Intelligent Systems are too busy these days on Fire Emblem(and other stuff) to make any more of their brilliant Advance Wars games, a team of Japanese developers have decided to do their work for them, announcing a new PC title that is Advance Wars in everything but name.”

This project from AREA 34 is an effort to make a new Advance Wars styled game and you can see the trailer of the game below.

TINY METAL is being developed for Windows and we are planning to distribute on STEAM. As a stretch goal, we hope to provide Mac and Linux support. – Scheduled to be released for June 2017.

You can find a link to the Kickstarter here and you can even play a prototype build of the game (download link on the Kickstater page). Will share some information on the game below.
Sources: Kotaku

Within Japanese game development story telling is considered the foundation upon which memorable games are developed. This understanding has driven us when it comes to TINY METAL’s main quest. This is why we have brought on Mr. Inaba to be our script writer.
Mr. Inaba has been involved in game story telling since the PlayStation 1 era and he is bringing those years of experience to TINY METAL. Our grand hope is to achieve the impossible; a strategy game with memorable story.
Now please enjoy this overview of TINY METAL’s first story arc. As usual it is work-in-progress and we promise to change things and make it only ever better.
The tenuous peace between the two nations of Artemisia and Zipang is suddenly brought to a head when the Artemisian king and his escort go missing after his transport mysteriously explodes.
Among the presumed dead is Col. Luja Lindberg, mentor to Lt. Nathan Gries. Nathan, a young but fierce and patriotic officer, is shocked and saddened with the loss of his commander and father-figure and patiently awaits orders for mobilization.
Given their long history of conflict, Artemisia wastes no time in deploying Nathan and his small strike force to launch a counter-offensive against Zipang.
En route to his objective, Nathan receives orders to coordinate efforts with the mercurial White Fangs, led by the infamously cold hearted yet beautiful, Wolfram.
As Nathan and Wolfram’s forces make their way deeper into enemy territory, Zipang’s defenses fall easily under the combined assault of Artemisian forces and the White Fangs.
Lord Commander Tsukumo of the Zipang forces contemplates courses of action knowing that while his forces vastly outnumber the Artemisian strike-force he must be wary of their skill and not hastily expose any weaknesses. His experience has taught him that not everything is as it first seems… He also must navigate the politics of the other Zipang warlords.
Artemisia is a small monarchy with beautiful landscapes, nice food, and historically violent borders. The Artemisian line of kings have successfully kept escalation low over generations but there have been several periods marked with all-out wars.
Colonel Luja Lindberg, the Hero of Seltser, is a war hero of recent years who led the kingdom’s forces through the most recent war with Zipang. He makes every diligence to have a small but well trained standing force in high readiness.
f8b51d0595fba2d46e53ee797f87f503_originalThe White Fangs are a stateless nation of refugees, deserters, and disenfranchised who banded together as mercenaries. Out of the ashes of other’s wars they were born and out of their ashes they would succeed. They value independence, disregard politics, and protect their own.
They base their operations from the many fleets of ships that travel international waters where they are best poised to offer their services and deploy almost anywhere at a moment’s notice. They employ small, well trained forces that utilize precision strikes and stealth.
The Zipang shogunate is a feudal country with a strong code of honor. The nation is led by the many competing warlords who protect and provide for their people. The Zipang warlords do not typically like to meddle in foreign diplomacy but sometimes they are not entirely in alignment.
Zipang’s military might comes from its numbers and can be made all the more effective with an experienced warlord to guide them.

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