Microsoft Proud of Sunset Overdrive but No Official Plans for PC Release and IP’s Future

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The Xbox One gem Sunset Overdrive from Insomniac Games was a critical hit during the Xbox One’s early life cycle and many gamers call it one of the platforms more original exclusives. Many wonder though, if the chance of the game landing on PC or a sequel going into production being something on the table.

Sunset Overdrive developer Insomniac Games this week publicly stated multiple times that it would like to bring the over-the-top Xbox One action game to PC. The studio said it was Microsoft’s decision to make.
A spokesperson for Microsoft told GameSpot that the company is “proud” of Sunset Overdrive and described Insomniac as a “great partner.” However, it’s too soon to say if the game will come to PC.

Despite the desire from both Insomniac Games and fans, the game isn’t heading to the PC currently. Microsoft gave the following statement when asked why no PC release was happening.

“Insomniac Games is a great partner and we love working with them,” the spokesperson said. “We are all proud of Sunset Overdrive and are always looking at ways to bring games to our fans. We have no further news at this time.”

While this news might disappoint some, take into consideration that Insomniac is currently very busy with many different projects right now across Oculus VR and an massive Spider-Man Project with Marvel Studios & Sony for the PS4. So they likely don’t have enough resources/time to work on a PC release, explaining Microsoft above statement.
However, Insomniac does have interest in the future of the Sunset Overdrive IP.

On that very subject, Insomniac said on Twitter that it would “love” to have a shot to make Sunset Overdrive 2.

Source: GameSpot

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