Judge Morty: State of Georgia vs. Rick Allen – Animated Short by tiarawhy

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We originally covered the animatic of Justin Roiland (creator and voice of Rick & Morty) present an animatic of an infamous court case acted out by Morty (Judge) and Rick (Allen). Recently, animator tiarawhy took the original animatic and turned it into a full 11 minute short. It is a well done animated short that I highly enjoyed watching.

Video Description

Judge Mortys life changes forever when he meets an inmate like no other. After two months of almost every day work this FAN animation is finally complete!
Special Thanks:
► Original Rick/Morty by Justin Roiland!
► Sound effects by Strelok
► Intro Vocals/Music by Steven “Sarifus” Kelly
► After Credits Morty voice/ending theme music by ShadyVox
► After Credits Jessica voice by foxylee:
► End theme remix by shadyvox:
This was quite a juggernaut of a project, but I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I had making it and it will tie you over a bit till Rick and Morty season 3! THIS IS A FAN ANIMATION, NOT OFFICIAL IN ANY WAY PLEASE ADULT SWIM HAVE MERCY!
► Is this a real case?
Yes this really happened in real life!
► Did you animate the whole thing?
► What did you use to animate?
Toonboom harmony 14 premium.
► Is this season 3?
No… this is just a tribute.
► Is there an after credits scene?


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