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With the incoming release of Last Guardian this fall, many developers shared some thoughts/impressions about how Team ICO’s titles impacted them and the future games they worked on.

“Ico was the first videogame ever for me to care about an AI character, Yorda. There were no conversations that I could understand between the characters, just the behavior of Yorda in relation to what I did, or the situation presented, that made me feel like Yorda was a living person — thinking and feeling as an individual. This made playing through Ico a very special experience — like I lived through the adventure with her.
“I believe, as a fan of Ueda-san’s games, that people feel like his work is special because you clearly feel the game was — from beginning to end — a singular vision, without any influence of popular genres or styles at the time.”

– Shuhei Yoshida (President of SIE Worldwide Studios)

“Team Ico creates timeless masterpieces that remind me of a long-loved picture book or a fairytale. I’m especially a big fan of their fantastic animations.
“We at Team Ninja have also put great effort into creating smooth action for a long time. I feel real and warm emotion from Ueda-san’s sophisticated animations.”

-Fumihiko Yasuda (Director, Team Ninja)

You can read more developer quotes and comments on Sony’s PlayStation Blog at the link here. 

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