Persona 4 Arena Series Director Interested in Producing a ‘Persona 5 Arena’

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Persona 5 is quickly growing to be a big success story in Japan for Atlus and SEGA, with it being a top selling game in Japan. The game is releasing in February next year for NA & EU gamers but we might be getting more than just the base Persona 5 game in the future.

Wada spoke during the tournament’s medal ceremony—where each featured games director presented prizes to the winners—addressing fan expectations for a new game in the Arena series based on the recently released Persona 5.

Kazuhisa Wada: Regarding a Persona 5 Arena title… We’ve just finished putting our all into Persona 5 itself, so it’d have to be something we’d discuss further down the line.
But I definitely want to make it happen. I’d appreciate it if everyone made their voices heard and sent their requests in regards to this.


Wada was the director of Persona 4 Arena and is showing interest in making a fighting game based around the cast of Persona 5. With P5’s darker look and more stylish tone, I would personally love to see a fighting game with the Persona 5 cast.
Source: Persona Central 

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