Japan Getting Arcade Versions of SFV & King of Fighters XIV

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The fighting games Street Fighter V and King of Fighters XIV will get heading to arcades in Japan in the future.

An announcement was made at Toushinsai today, after the tournament festivities was over. Toushinsai is an arcade-only event, and as such had tournaments in Ultra Street Fighter 4 and King of Fighters 13, which naturally felt a bit out of place since both series have just had new games released this year. Thankfully, both series’ developers were at hand to announce that come next year, they can play the newest version, since both of the games are coming to arcades.
King of Fighters 14 will be on the NESICAxLIVE 2 system, while Street Fighter 5 won’t quite be getting an arcade version in the traditional sense, but instead will have PC stations placed in arcades that allow arcade players to battle eachother through the PC version of Street Fighter 5. Considering the impact the arcade community has on Japan’s players, this is definitely good news all around for both the King of Fighters and Street Fighter communities.

Considering arcades are still very popular in Japan, this is fantastic news for the longevity these titles. Both of these games are currently out now for the PS4 and PC (in the case of SFV).
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