RUMOR: Beyond Good & Evil 2 Still NX Exclusive, Semi-Reboot for the Series, CGI Trailer Coming with NX Reveal

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Report: New Beyond Good & Evil To Be a 2018 Semi-Reboot, Not Full SequelBeyond Good & Evil 2 is back again with Ubisoft recently re-announcing the project but we have little information about what the game is going to be like or if the title is even a sequel to the original game. LetsPlayVideoGames recently talked with a source and they told them a lot about the direction this title will be going in.
Before I quote them, I have to say this the following. This is a RUMOR and rumors can be wrong. The rumor discussed here comes from a publication who trust’s their source, leading me to feel confident in publishing a piece about this rumor on 3WIREL. However, this might not happen due to the nature of rumors so please do not take this as an official announcement from Nintendo or Ubisoft. 

According to our source, the currently planned direction for the game is that it will partially retell Jade’s origin tale from Beyond Good & Evil, flesh out Peyj’s backstory, then continue to extrapolate on the ending of the original game. The intention is that players who have not played the original will be able to jump into the new game, which will feature a subtitle rather than a number at the end of its title, and understand both who Jade is and what drives Pey’j. It also seeks to provide closure to fans of the original wondering what the cliffhanger at the end meant for the series’ ongoing plot.
While many existing fans of the series may be upset about the new game not being a direct sequel, the idea of modernizing the original tale and fleshing out the world while continuing the story beyond where it once ended offers the series a better chance of an ongoing life than it previously had. Additionally, we have learned from a separate source that there are plans for a new CG trailer for the game to be shown alongside the NX reveal. Much like the 2008 trailer, this is planned to be a tone piece rather than a plot or gameplay reveal, and will be used to announce its NX exclusivity. The game is currently aiming for a Summer 2018 release window, according to sources at Ubisoft.

So the game will still be a Nintendo NX exclusive and will be a Year 2 title for the console if this rumor is correct. Very interesting news and hopefully we will be hearing more on Beyond Good & Evil 2 in the near future.
Source: LetsPlayVideoGames

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