Rogue Raiders Kickstarter Live – Vita Exclusive Action RPG w/th Four Player Co-Op

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Rogue Raiders is a game I covered in the past with an interview with the creator of the project, but the game is now officially on Kickstarter! 
The game can be described as such: “Rogue Raiders Online is a sci-fi Action RPG game with strong emphasis on exploration and cooperative multiplayer. Players will create their own character and venture alone or in up to a four raiders team exploring worlds, getting jobs done.”

Why PS Vita exclusive?

This game pretends to be a final love letter to our most beloved game handheld, the PS Vita.
Right now a lot of games are cancelling their Vita port, there’s no first party support… I think this console still has a lot to say and this game will be proof of that. This game is designed from the ground up and optimized for the PS Vita, in order to deliver the best experience.

The Game

The main idea of the game is a co-op experience in a hostile environment. So it’s not going to be the standard “lets be friends” approach but more of a “we need to cooperate in order to survive”. You’re not a knight in shining armor but rather a rogue with his own agenda. In Rogue Raiders Online, there is no galaxy to save but a rent to pay.
You start creating and customizing your own raider, choosing between several alien races and classes, each one with unique stats and traits that may dramatically affect your gameplay. Then you will be sent to a near space station which serves as a central hub for players to find each other, purchase better equipment, sell valuables, etc. There will be job boards, which list available quests for you or your team. After assembling a crew, you will travel to a planet to do the job.
The game will feature a singleplayer offline mode too, so you can go and explore on your own, hunt creatures, or maybe find a nice robot, hack it to later resell it and earn some credits. Each world has its own biome, dungeons, puzzles, enemies and treasures. The events in them will constantly change, so they will be living worlds with constant activity.
My main inspiration for the visual design of the galaxy and worlds is the sci-fi art from the 60s and the 70s. I want each planet to have a unique set of colors, and to provide an eerie feeling to the players.
I’ve worked in creating a color palette with enough personality and contrast, that will help to differentiate and make interesting each planet and new area that you explore.

The developer released this video to help promote the Kickstarter, which goes over some elements of the game in addition to showing off the game in action.

If you want to give the game’s Kickstarter page a look, you can find it at this following link. I have hope this project is successful and you can expect 3WIREL to be covering this game as the Kickstarter continues for the coming weeks.

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