Batman: Arkham City Remaster (PS4/X1) – Frame Rate Test (Digital Foundry)

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Frame-rates and resolutions examined in the “Return to Arkham” remaster of Batman: Arkham City, now converted to Unreal Engine 4. UPDATE (25/10/16): Correction – its sequel, Arkham Knight, runs on a modified UE3 rather than UE4 as stated in this video.
The PS4 version runs with an unlocked frame-rate, ranging from 20fps at lowest right up to a 60fps peak – though this generally settles in the middle at 30-35fps. Xbox One also lacks a frame-rate cap, but frame-rates are typically lower than its rival. At times the two are neck-and-neck, but in others PS4 can take a lead up to 16fps (notably in the final scenes in this video). Both versions use a dynamic resolution. This keeps the vertical axis at 1080 pixels at all times, but scales the horizontal axis to different values based on load. In PS4’s case that drops to 1600×1080 as the lowest count on record, but can rise to 1920×1080 in less intensive scenes.
Meanwhile, Xbox One’s minimum figure is a far more cut-down 1024×1080 in the worst case. At points (such as the first battle using Catwoman) it’s capable of a full 1920×1080 as well. Again, we see its pixel count figure usually rests in between these two points.

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