Ginger: Beyond The Crystal Gameplay (PC Version) – Game Out Now on PS4/X1/PC!

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The 3D Platformer is a genre I love but one not very common in the modern era of gaming. With projects like Yooka-Laylee and new installments in Mario’s & Sonic’s games, the genre is coming back in a big way in 2017. One project that came out this year is a title called Ginger: Beyond the Crystal.

Ginger unifies various concepts of simulation games (as CastleVille) and platformer games (as Lost Vikings) with the particularity and main objective of eliminating the waiting time needed to collect resources. The resources are obtained by solving simple platformer puzzles.
The tranquility of the residents of the Village is interrupted by the explosion of an ancient crystal. The villagers are devastated and have been dispersed throughout other worlds. Ginger, our protagonist, enters these other worlds through a portal which has been opened by the crystal in order to rescue his friends and reconstruct the village. In order to find out how this disaster occurred, Ginger will improve his abilities through varied and different methods.

Reports on the game indicate that the PC version runs fine but the console versions have some frame rate issues.
Some more impressions found on NeoGaf can be found below.

KillerIsJed: I’m streaming a bit of this if anyone cares to check it out, seems not many people are playing it. Xbox One version. Was also provided a Steam key but it unlocks at release.
Edit: Donezo but you can see the replay here. Kind of basic 3D platformer with cute characters, okay graphics with a nice bokeh effect I wish more games used!, and really great music. The intro is kind of rough due to text being so slow with no way to speed it up aside from skipping it, the jumping is a little tight due to double jumps not providing that much more height, and the combat is just bad / not fun. Very obviously influenced by Banjo Kazooie the most. Also found a backpack with a bird that looked nearly identical to Kazooie in it, but didn’t get to collect it yet. Seems like the demographic this may be aiming at is kids, though there are lots of throwbacks to N64 games including Majora’s Mask.

Source: NeoGaf

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