YouTube Community Highlight – Drahmina & Johnny Mac

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YouTube has offered up some amazing content creators and they made us laugh hard many times over the past few years. But two YouTube content creators have me dying with laughter the past few months, and they are Drahmina & Johnny Mac.
Johnny Mac started what I dub #TidusLaughing2016, with a little soundtrack remix. It even got so big that the English Voice Actor of Tidus (James) wanted to share some words on the subject matter. 

This takes the entire Final Fantasy X OST and….adds every track with Tidus’ laughter. It is gold and he made a number of other videos using the Tidus MIDI’s he produced. One of the most emotional tracks from FFVII becoming priceless and making a fantastic battle theme from FFVII even better, he produced some really funny work.
Following in his footsteps, Drahmina came onto the scene and produced some amazing remixes using Tidus’s MIDI Laughing Samples. Will link a number of my favorite ones below but they range from surprising solid remixes to ‘OMG Why are you doing this?!
You can find both on Twitter (@drahmina1 & @JohnnyMaac) and I recommend you follow them on YouTube for more amazing laughs.

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