RUMOR: SEGA is Making New Daytona for Arcades?

You might be singing ‘DAYTOONNNAAAA!’ in the future, as SEGA might be making a new title in the series for arcade machines.

However that isn’t all. At the AAMA Gala, I heard that Sega is actually bringing back one of their beloved franchises, Daytona USA, but I’ve had next to no information beyond the title of the game which was labelled Daytona Reloaded. From that we can only make assumptions but it isn’t a lot to go off of.  According to the press release, Sega will officially announce : “… a showstopper video game, to be officially announced next week.” I believe that this is that game but we’ll have to wait and see. Naturally, we’ll have all the information on it that we can as soon as it is announced!

This is a rumor so please don’t take this as an official announcement. But I do personally hope this is correct, as the original Daytona is a classic and a game many people love.

Source: Arcade Heroes

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