Owlboy Review Round-Up

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This game started development years ago but the game is finally out today on the PC platform and people were able to review the title. Early reviews seem to be very positive. 

Destructoid – 10/10

Owlboy is a special game. Almost a decade in the making has certainly allowed for a rarely seen amount of polish and effort in an industry brimming with day-one patches and rushed deadlines. I’m at a loss when trying to think of critiques, honestly. I can’t even say that I wish there was more of it because what is here is just so damn satisfying from start to finish, and I wouldn’t want to ruin that.

The Jimquisition – 9/10

Owlboy may have a few annoying navigational hangups, but none are enough to counter the overwhelming magic of the adventure at hand. Beautiful in both a visual and aural sense, littered with lovely characters, and home to a number of jawdropping combat encounters, Owlboy is a game almost ten years in the making that doesn’t show a trace of development hell.

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Killscreen 84/100

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Norwegian review: The best norwegian game since The Longest Journey

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