PS4 vs. PS Vita Sword Art Online Hollow Realization Comparison by @HavianCritDmg (Gameplay & Visuals)

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Sword Art Online Hollow Realization is a game I talked about before regarding the performance of the game on Vita and….it was not very good. Recently, a new patch released and YouTube user Havian made a side-by-side comparison video between the two versions.
It shows interesting results, with the PS4 version being 60FPS at all times outside of the towns with lively NPC’s roaming around, nicely details with the visuals and really vivid color. The PS Vita version looks a bit washed out (though it could be due to the PS TV capture that Havian stated in the Video) and the frame rate is very erratic. In towns it is mostly stable but when in the fields & in combat, the game chugs a bit. It looks playable, but not nearly as smooth compared to past SAO titles on Vita.
One of Hollow Realization’s biggest issue on Vita is when fighting boss raids, as before the latest patch released, the game’s frame rate went into the single digits. Now, it is mostly around 15 FPS, which is far from ideal but still playable.
Overall, it appears that if you own both platforms, it is advised you get the PS4 version but if you only have a Vita….I highly advise waiting for further patches to release before considering picking this game up. Past SAO games got a number of patches post-launch; Hollow Fragment got a big content update patch that not only smoothed out performance issues (though the game ran fine despite some frame rate drops on Vita at specific points) but added a wealth of content to the game.

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