Bionic Commando & Reinventing a Franchise (Part 1) – Video By @geistbox

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Capcom is famous for making a large collection of iconic and famous gaming franchises. Mega Man, Resident Evil, Strider, and Street Fighter come to mind. But they made one game that has cult status; Bionic Commando. The NES original is a gaming classic and Capcom tried giving the series a second short at the spotlight back in 2008-2010 with help from Western Developer Grin. Today, talented YouTube content creator Ghastlycrate produced the above video detailing the original NES classic and it’s fantastic ‘Rearmed’ remake.

Out of the many franchises in Capcom’s vast repertoire, one of it’s most signature, highly revered games took two decades to bring back. In the first video of two, we look back on the original Bionic Commando and how a conspicuous choice of developer managed to successfully rearm a sleeping giant.

He is working on a second part of this two part video series, so stay tuned for another episode of this great look-back at one of Capcom’s gaming franchises.

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