LEGO Dimensions November Content – Fantastic Beasts Story Pack & Sonic Level Pack

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LEGO Dimensions is enjoying a successful launch of it’s year two content and November is possibly some of the biggest content rolling into the game. First we will be getting the release of the Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them Story and Fun Packs (story is a full six-level story mode while fun pack is a single character with vehicle).
The rest of the month see’s E.T. and Gremlines have some fun with Fun & Team Packs, offering access to both franchises Adventure Worlds (which are massive hubs that you can explore based on a single IP). But one of the ones I’m most eager to see in action is the Sonic the Hedgehog Level Pack. It will contain not just a mini-campaign where you blast through some iconic Sonic zones but also have a massive hub honoring 25 years of Sonic history. Travelers Tales has been teasing this content pack for a few weeks now with the below images from their official twitter page.
Expect 3WIREL to have more coverage on the LEGO Dimensions Year 2 content as further informationa and meida release.

Source: LEGO Dimensions Twitter & Sonic Wind Blue

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