PlayStation 4 Pro Review Round Up

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The newest PlayStation console is releasing soon and it is called PlayStation 4 Pro and it promises to offer 4K gaming and features gamers want like higher resolutions and frame rates in many PS4 titles. Reviews of the system are releasing and you can read them below.
Credit goes to DOWN for compiling all these review quotes and links on NeoGaf.

…However, if you already own a PS4, the question becomes a lot trickier. If you care about your games, how they perform and still want to stick with a console, then the PS4 Pro is a viable upgrade. If you have a 4k TV and want to squeeze the best out of a console, then it’s a viable upgrade. If you have a PSVR, then the PS4 Pro provides a noticeable improvement to the quality of experience you get……n-4-pro-review

Has PlayStation 4 Pro managed to live up to its marketing? By and large, yes. At its best, it is capable of producing compelling results at native 4K. Stack up Rise of the Tomb Raider on Pro against an ultra high-end PC and run them side-by-side and you’ll see that most of the 4K clarity is there, much of the detail is there and frame-rate remains the clearest differentiating factor. But the fact that a £350/$399 box is capable of even competing is a remarkable achievement.…/1100-6445141/

Regardless, the PS4 Pro is priced fairly, offers a plethora of features, and is the most powerful console you can buy today.

Pro has the raw power to potentially deliver greatly enhanced graphics, and in time, with more support, it will likely do just that, but right now, it’s just too much of a crap shoot.…-4-pro-review/

So who is the PlayStation 4 Pro actually meant for? After testing it out for the past week, I’d say it’s for people who haven’t yet bought a PS4 and want to show off their fancy new 4K/HDR sets. And of course, there are the hardcore gamers who will snap up any piece of hardware that promises to be faster. Most consumers are better off waiting until more games get patched for the new system, and until Sony figures out its 4K media strategy.…n-4-pro-review

The PlayStation 4 Pro is for those gamers who want just a little bit more performance from their games. It’s the same folks who likely have gaming PCs, but realize that games like Uncharted 4, The Last of Us, and Horizon: Zero Dawn aren’t ever making the jump to PC. The Pro is for the folks who quibble about things like checkerboard 4K not being real 4K or spend hours messing with color calibration. Those tweakers who hunt for the right presentation on PC. This is your option on home consoles.…-4-pro/review/

THE BOTTOM LINE The PlayStation 4 Pro doesn’t show major, noticeable improvements in the handful of games we were able to test early, but that could change with titles coming in the months and years ahead. Impression video

Sony’s played it smart here: the PS4 Pro does not fundamentally change the existing PS4 experience – it merely adds a layer of icing and places a cherry on top. Enthusiasts looking for the best PlayStation visuals will want this box – but no one is being left behind.

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