[RUMOR] Mario (Nintendo Switch) Replacing Zelda Breath of the Wild for Launch Line-Up

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3145621-mario0023D Mario is confirmed for the Nintendo Switch but no one knows if it will make the system’s launch in March 2017. It seems that it will make the launch, according to Eurogamer.

To put it lightly, this is no small feat. Breath of the Wild is a huge open-world game which leans heavily on sandbox systems. Nintendo’s latest official estimate for Breath of the Wild is simply “2017”. This was not updated when the Nintendo Switch was fully unveiled last month.
The question, then, is what big first-party title will now spearhead the Switch’s launch. We’ve heard the console’s new Mario will be ready in time to fill this role. Nintendo is set to reveal more information on the Switch – for example, the fact it has a touchscreen – at a special event on 13th January.

Nintendo has a lot to share about the Switch and with recent reports of Zelda potentially missing launch, Mario fitting that role makes a lot of sense. But this is a rumor and despite trusted sources (Eurogamer) this could easily be false. Please do not take this as an official announcement from Nintendo. 
Source: Eurogamer

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