No Man’s Sky Designer Quietly Leaves Hello Games To Work On Star Citizen

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No Man’s Sky has faced rocky development and one explosive post-release fallout, and now this story continues with one of the games designers leaving Hello Games outright to work on another space game called Star Citizen.

No Man’s Sky has faced a tortured development cycle often compared to Star Citizen, and now the two controversial space projects are sharing employees. Longtime Hello Games designer Gareth Bourn signed on to Squadron 42campaign developer Foundry42 last month according to his LinkedIn page.
For No Man’s Sky followers, this news might come off as yet another sign of Hello Games’ inner turmoil. There had been rumors that the studio had been abandoned and talented coders were leaving, but now we know only half of those claims are true. While it’s not uncommon for developers to switch jobs after a project is complete, Bourn had been linked to Hello for nearly six years between Joe Danger and No Man’s Sky. A rocky procedurally generated universe seems like it wasn’t enough to keep that loyalty going.

This might sound like great news for the designer and it is great they are getting new work, but Star Citizen is also facing some major hurdles as well.

What began as a Kickstarter in 2012 has since raised over $100 million dollars spread over four studios with no release date in sight. The project has undergone a few closed alphas for backers, but some donors still aren’t impressed. Questions remain over how the funds are being managed, refunds have been demanded and full game modes have yet to enter testing phases. It’s not a pretty picture.
As if those parallels weren’t enough, Star Citizen also promises many of the hallmark features that No Man’s Sky failed to deliver. There’s evidence of full-scale intergalactic trade, multiplayer and a truly robust single-player campaign with Hollywood talent. All of that stuff sounds great, but studio turmoils, engine difficulties and unwavering ambition have bogged down the title’s schedule. Throughout most of last year, some wondered if No Man’s Sky would ever see the light of day. Those same thoughts have surrounded Star Citizen for even longer.

Very interesting development and we will report more on this as information releases.
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