Majoras Mask: Terrible Fate Short – GameXplain Interviews Creators

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This is something very impressive honestly. Nintendo has shown time and time again that they strongly dislike fan productions based on their IP, so many don’t bother talking with the creators of fantastic fan projects. GameXplain decided that they wanted to speak with the creators despite the risk and it lead to a wonderful interview with the team behind the beautiful Terrible Fate Short.
It shares a lot of great production behind the making of the short and it was great hearing the creators talk about the project.

We interviewed the creators of the AMAZING Majora’s Mask: Terrible Fate short film, based on the Zelda game, and get some behind-the-scenes details. We discuss what inspired the idea, how long it took to make, where’s Link, their thoughts on a full Zelda movie, the fairies’ appearance, and tons more!
• Watch Terrible Fate here:…
• See more from Ember Lab:

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