AM2R and Pokemon Uranium’s Removal from The Game Awards Explained by Keighley

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The report that two quality fan creations being removed from the ‘best fan production’ views choice award section of the show (AM2R and Pokemon Uranium) upset many and some wondered why they were removed from the award choices.
Geoff Keighley came out and gave a statement for this reason.

“I think the big challenge that we face as a show is that everything in the show has to be legally cleared by the game companies in question. So one of the things that we go through is this clearance process where we have to get basically rights from everyone that owns the IPs of the games, but we don’t tell those companies in advance who’s nominated, and we find out together. It became clear once we announced the nominees that we weren’t going to be able to get clearance on those games from Nintendo, understandably so, it’s Nintendo IP, they’re trying to protect their IP, and those creators had sort of taken those games down.
So from a show perspective, those games had been I think issued take downs, and if we include those in the show, then the show is potentially at risk for take down as well. I think the fan creations are amazing things that fans do, and I hope that game companies and fans find ways to continue to create that content, and I would like nothing more than those creators and Nintendo to figure out a way to collaborate on content, but from a show perspective, it’s a bummer because I think those things are amazing efforts from fans, they created it, but at the end of the day, they are illegal use of IP and different game companies have different approaches to that…
I think fan creations for me, we have to make sure those creations are legal creations or at least creations that are not subject to take down to be in the show. It was a bummer to see that happen, but it was something that unfortunately from a show perspective we had to remove them because we couldn’t obtain the clearance.

One thing I must say is that I am glad he commented on this situation to begin with and he makes some valid points for this decision. Nintendo and the Creators came to an agreement to shut the projects down and if the creators of the fan projects are okay with it, then gamers should be to a degree.
Source: My Nintendo News

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