Skylanders Series Might Not Get 2017 Game – Liam Reports (RUMOR)

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Despite the critical success of Imaginators and the fact many people (including one of our own writers) greatly enjoyed the title, the series might be coming to an end. Sales reports for all things Skylanders (merchandise, game sales, ect) have been getting lower over time and Liam Robertson from Unseen 64 released the above video sharing his recent findings.
The report states that after lengthy consideration, Skylanders 2017 is scrapped with the future of Toys for Bob being unknown. However, one thing should be noted; every year since 2013 we get a new Skylanders game, one made by Toys for Bob and another made by Vicarious Visions.
Vicarious Visions are the main developers for the upcoming Crash Bandicoot Remastered project which are ground-up remakes of the first three games. It could be possible that they were working on the 2017 Skylanders game while working on Crash but due to the sales of prior Skylanders games, Activision must have told them to scrap work on 2017 Skylanders to focus mainly on Crash while they discuss the series future with it’s creators Toys for Bob.
Liam Robertson states that Toys for Bob were making the 2017 game however, so my suggestion is likely wrong. Either way, the series TV Show on Netflix ‘Skylanders Academy’ has done decent with ratings and got picked up for a second season. Similar to what happened to Disney Infinity, we will hopefully get an official comment from Activision about the future of Skylanders in the near future.
This is a rumor and not an announcement by Toys for Bob, Activision or Vicarious Visions. So please do not take this as fact. If this rumor is true, we will hear an official statement in the future regarding this. 

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