3WIREL Review Guidelines and Systems – Important Update

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Hello everyone.
Today was a big day for the site, as we published a review on the highly anticipated title Final Fantasy XV and we gave it a score of a 6 out of 10. After discussion within our writing team and founder of the site Motwera, we all agreed the score was fair. However, this is a great excuse to explain how reviews will be working on the site going onwards.
But I first want to state one thing; the score is important to the review but the review itself brings context to the score. If you feel our scores aren’t fair to a game, then feel free to let us know and we will respond back with our thoughts on the review and your reaction to it. However, a review is us giving honest thoughts and impressions on games we spend a long time playing and beating for review.
Lets go over how reviews worked and will be changed for the future. We cover games on a 5-point ratings scale and they are split up into different sections (Story, Gameplay/Design, Lasting Appeal, Presentation) and our final score is the result of unique scores for each section being tallied up,  averaging the score.
However, for the sake of consistency, we will always going forward use a Five Point Rating Scale. It will be defined like this.

1 – Bad Game: It suffers from a number of flaws that are just too large to ignore.

2 – Mediocre Game: Game that has promise but suffers from major issues holding it back from greatness.

3 – Good Game: Game that has a lot of strong points, but suffers from a few things holding it back from being a great or amazing game.

4 – Great Game: Game that does a lot of things right and has very minor issues but just falls a bit short of being an amazing game.

5 – Amazing/Perfect Game: Game that gets everything right and suffers from little to no flaws. It is a shining example of a video game.

I hope this clears things up and that you all enjoy our future reviews and content on the site!

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