RUMOR – Sonic Boom Franchise Ending?

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Originally discovered by the Sonic Stadium and reported on by ‘Sonic News Channel’, Sonic Boom might be facing an end in the near future. The rumor states that the sub-series of Sonic isn’t meeting SEGA of Japan’s expectations and after the second season is fully complete, the series will be shut down.
This is a rumor, so this could easily be false. Please do not take this as an official announcement from the different branches of SEGA or Sonic Team.
I am hopeful this rumor is false, as I personally enjoyed the cartoon and thought the latest 3DS game was a greatly improved game.

2 Comments on “RUMOR – Sonic Boom Franchise Ending?”

  1. I have my doubts on the rumor since Zippo, the guy that posted that “rumor”, seems to have a strong negative bias against Sonic Boom based on his post history and frankly, anybody can make a rumor about how Boom might be dropped based on how Fire & Ice or the show rarely got any advertising and aren’t doing so well because of it (especially for Season 2).
    Which to be honest, makes me quite furious in a way because I genuinely really do love the Sonic Boom subseries. I mean, granted most people still remember how bad Rise of Lyric and that’s fair but reading that rumor made me very upset and prevented from fully enjoying Boom knowing that Sega will probably pull the plug after Season 2 ends.
    I guess, I have no say on the matter at the end.

    1. I agree that I don’t like the rumor either (mentioned here I enjoyed the cartoon and the 3DS game a lot) so it is a shame to see such hate for the sub-series of Sonic :(.
      At the very, least, it is a RUMOR, so the fact this might not happen is nice to think about. I doubt it too honestly, so we will see what happens.

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