Knack 2 Information Released – Improved Combat and More Detailed

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Knack 2 was announced yesterday at the PSX 2016 event and many wonder if the title will improve upon the noted issues from the first game (combat with little depth, ect). Thankfully, reports indicate that the games issues will be fixed with the sequel.

The game openly acknowledges the shortcomings of its predecessor (one character says to Knack, “it’s hard to believe you saved the world. All you know are three punches and a kick”) and has actually added a pretty robust moveset for combat and platforming.
Abilities include a dash, body slam, multi-punch, jump kick, and a few other basic combat moves.
What makes the system more robust is a skill tree for upgrading any individual move or ability. Throughout Knack’s levels, you’ll collect Relic Energy, and you can spend that to increase power, range, or several other variables depending on your play style. You can also pick up additional, more advanced moves for Knack, like the ability to stun enemies from a distance or pull them closer to you from afar, Scorpion-style. Knack 2 isn’t necessarily going to reinvent the platformer, but it’s definitely trying to fix a lot of the problems that were present in the first game, and it’s clear that Sony’s Japan Studio has paid attention to player feedback.

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