Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter Debacle Explained – Past Mortem Video

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The history of Mighty No. 9 is a bit tricky, as specific details on the campaign aren’t clear. I remember writing about the game post launch but I didn’t cover everything surrounding the campaign. There is a lot to discuss with Mighty No. 9 and the conversation continues with Past Mortem, a YouTube series, covering an episode on the title.
This above video was created by Stop Skeletons From Fighting and they do fantastic work with other videos. Below will be the video’s description.

It’s worse than prom night. You’ve seen the game and read the headlines, now let us show you how Mighty No. 9 went from being one of the most profitable Kickstarted video games in history to being one of the biggest disappointments. It’s even worse than you thought.
Written by Grace Kramer & Derek Alexander
Edited by Derek Alexander

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