GameXplain (RUMOR) – Koei Tecmo Proposed a Star Fox Warriors but Nintendo Rejected It

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This is a very interesting story. GameXplain reported on a rumor released that stated Star Fox was going to duke out on Land and Space in a Star Fox Warriors after the success of Hyrule Warriors. It would mix melee and space combat, but Nintendo turned it down. They stated it was for a ‘unknown future’ for the Star Fox series, likely seeing the failed sales of Star Fox Zero as a indication people don’t want Star Fox. Tecmo-Koei is still open to making another Warriors game using Nintendo IP, so at least we might see a Hyrule Warriors 2 or something else in the future.

Let’s Play Video Games is reporting that a Star Fox themed Warriors game was proposed by Koei Tecmo to Nintendo, but was ultimately turned down.

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