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3WIREL! is growing rapidly over time and today, we want to detail the types of content we produce on the site.

  • Gaming Reviews & Previews: We critically take a look at a specific game and detail our thoughts/impressions on them. Reviews have a score out of a five points scale while previews are pieces where we talk about games that are releasing in the future.
  • First Impressions: These are pieces where we write about a specific game that we are in the process of reviewing but don’t have the review ready in time or us talking about thoughts with a demo of a game.
  • History Of Articles: Where were discuss the detailed history of a game series, developer or specific game’s development. Very in-depth articles and we released a few of them; History of TT Games, History of Sonic Boom, History of the Epic Mickey Series, History of Metroid Prime Federation Force, History of Kid Icarus
  • 3WIREL! Podcast: Weekly audio episodes where members of 3WIREL (with some guests at points) discuss different topics in gaming. We released a number of these and have many more in the works.
  • Green of Gaming: An article plan that Motwera (3WIREL Founder & Owner) had in the works for a long time. In celebration of the 3WIREL’s green theme and color, we will discuss games that use the color green. These will not be the longest posts on the site but they will cover a lot about a game (color theme, visual design, mood, ect). The first article themed on this subject will be on Sonic’s Green Hill Zone and will release on 12/9/2016.
  • Robert’s (RK128) Friday Animated Reviews: I will be doing a special series of posts every Friday starting 12/16/2016 where I look at anything animated. So cartoons, anime, movies and more! They will be a bit random (as they will sometimes be entire series, a set row of episodes, or just one episode of a show) but I will have a lot of fun making this. Will share more details soon but my first one will be based on Pokemon Sun & Moon: The Series (Anime)!
  • Inside the Cubicle: Learning about 3WIREL with Motwera – Site owner and Founder Motwera will share some of the behind-the-scenes look and origin of the site. Images from early design concepts, some thoughts on elements of the site and more will be part of these article types. We will share more information on these article types in the future.
  • 3WIREL’s Month in Review: At the end of every month, all the members of 3WIREL will share thoughts on the month as a whole. It will be a little article where every member will write up a short quote or two. We will launch this at the End of December.
  • 3WIREL Game of the Month Awards: At the end of every month, we will announce ‘Game of the Month’ and we will do a voting process that last for the entire month. You, our readers, will decide the game and we will write about the game. Your quotes on the game (which we will find on our social media) in the article.
  • Game of the Year Awards: Every single year we will be hosting a special ‘Game of the Year’ Awards. It will be voted by you, our viewers, on polls held on 3WIREL’s site. We will have many different categories and we will share the results at the final week of December.

Thank you everyone for your time and have a wonderful weekend!

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