Dragon Quest Heroes 2 – PS4 Localization Announced for 2017, No PS Vita Version for NA/EU

Dragon Quest is continuing to get new releases and after the success of DQ Builders on PS4/Vita and DQVII on the 3DS this fall, Square Enix announced that Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is releasing on the PS4 platform in 2017 for North America and Europe. This is a action/RPG using heavy combat mechanics pulled from the Dynasty Warriors series but still having that Dragon Quest feel. The original DQ Heroes was a critical success, so it is nice that western gamers can finally play this title next year.

Sadly, the Vita is being left out of the fun as despite having a well-running version of Heroes 2 in Japan and Square Enix having success on the handheld in 2016, there are no current plans to localize the PS Vita version of the game.




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