Digital Foundry Retro: ICO (The Udeda Collection Part I)

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Digital Foundry is starting a new DF Retro series, this time focusing on the Ueda produced games. Basically, the Team Ico Collection is getting analysed just like how past works on the Shenume series and Daytona USA were this year.
Some very interesting things were noted in this video, such as in early demos of the game, you can run ICO at 60 Frames Per Second on native PS2 hardware though a de-bug menu. In addition, you can also see how the game looks so great to this day. Hand-crafted animations for all the characters, usage of bloom and a very stable frame rate all make the game timeless with it’s presentation.
When the game got remastered on the PS3, the game maintained it’s visual presentation with little change, making it a great modern way to play the title.

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