P. T. (Silent Hills Demo) Datamined – New Models Discovered

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P.T. was going to be the a teaser for what we would see for Kojima’s take on Silent Hill, but this tease ended up being the only hint at was was to come. In datamining the game, people have discovered two new models, one which you can see above and another below this text.

Xentax forums user luxox18 (who had also cracked previous games in the past, including Naughty Dogs games on PS3) has managed to finally break into a PS4 game, the game in question of course being P.T.
This has given access to all the games files, including models, textures and sound. So beyond giving access to the likes of Lisa, Norman’s model, the Fetus and of course the Hallway, we also have gotten a look at a few models that weren’t actually in the game (to us, anyways). Users over on the Facepunch forums are currently compiling the models and porting them over to Source, and others have already moded them into MGSV: The Phantom Pain.

This is interesting, as it could imply these were work-in-concept monster or character designs that would have been used in the final Silent Hills. One fun thing to note though is that the monster that chases you in P.T. can be imported into other Fox Engine games, including Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Source Link: NeoGaf

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