ARK Survivial Evolved – PS4 vs. PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison

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ARK lands on the PS4 and the game supports the recently released PS4 Pro platform as well. So, one must ask ‘How does the game run on each system? Well, YouTube user Candyland captured footage of both games in action and we can see the results in the above video. 
But below is the official video description.

We compare the graphics of ARK Survival Evolved on PS4 Pro in 4K with PS4. The PS4 Pro Version runs with Patch 1.02 (501.2) which enables 1080p native resolution, detailed graphics mode is activated too. The detailed graphics mode improves level of detail as well as resolution on PS4 Pro. On PS4 it can be activated too, there it only improves LOD but reduces performance a lot. It is only recommended to activated it on PS4. In our video we do a short run to show level of detail / draw distance and popping objects. You can also see the low texture filtering on both consoles. We further take a look at the shadows, reflections, vegetation and more.

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