[RUMOR] Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Roadmap Leaked – FFXIII HD Trilogy, Anniversary Collection & More

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So while we just posted that Square will share plans about how they will celebrate the anniversary of one of their biggest gaming franchises, reports came out a week or so back that heavily detail 2017 plans for the series. Before I continue though, I want to preface and say that the following content will be based on a rumor and has no confirmation as of now. For all we know, this information could be completely wrong. I figured reporting on this rumor would be worthwhile, considering Square Enix did say they have plans for the 30th Anniversary and I could see one or two of the things happening in this leak end up being real. 
Now that is out of the way, lets continue to the rumor!
Source Link: vgleaks

The first part of part of the rumor is of a major Final Fantasy Collection that contains all nine of the first main-line games in the series in one complete package.

Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Collection:
This compilation will include Final Fantasy I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII and IX and it will be released on PS4 and PS Vita in a single disc/card.
It will include two versions of Final Fantasy I to VI: original versions from NES/SNES and modern ports (mostly mobile ports).
FF VII to IX will be based only in newest ports.
Final Fantasy II and III from NES will receive an official English translation (first time). Games will be based on Japanese versions, therefore we will be able to play parts that were cut out when games were released overseas. Graphical censorship included in some titles when they were released outside Japan will remain. The collection will have a built-in art gallery and a sound test menu to play songs from games included.
Just for the record: this compilation will include just main Final Fantasy titles (I to IX).

I honestly feel this is the least likely to happen among the other leaked plans in this rumor, as things like FFII and FFIII getting an official English translation (NES versions) seems like something Square Enix wouldn’t do and having a massive collection on the Vita when they just announced that DQ Heroes II will not see release on the system….strikes me as odd; whey bring a major collection on Vita, when another major project you have in store misses the system?
Maybe we could see stuff like FFVIII and FFIX release on PS4 and Vita through the remasters we got on Steam and iOS but I don’t think this collection is happening honestly.
The next part of the rumor is Final Fantasy XIII and it’s two sequel games will release on PS4 with higher resolutions and frame rates.

Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is coming to PS4 during the next year. The bundle will include Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2 and Lightning Returns on separate discs to be enjoined in 1080p and 60fps.

This is the most likely to happen I feel honestly. It likely isn’t much work taking the base content from the PS3 version and up-port it to stronger PS4 hardware. While I’m not sure if we will get 60FPS and the FFXIII Trilogy has a interesting reputation (mixed among gamers in general), it would be a nice way to celebrate FF as these games were enjoyed by a lot of gamers.
The final part of the rumor is the below parts of the plan.

  • Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions and Chrono Trigger could be released on Steam before the end of 2017.
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy XV are coming to PC, but likely not until early-mid 2018.

PC Ports of a few FF and Square Enix games could happen, as they got success on Steam with past Final Fantasy ports. So, this part of the rumor doesn’t sound too outlandish. But FFXV taking two years to relesae on PC is strange, as it shouldn’t take that long to get a PC port ready. Considering how Square has detailed plans for upcoming updates and DLC, the most likely case is that they are waiting until everything is finished before releasing a ‘Game of the Year’ edition on the platform.
FFVII Remake releasing on PC in 2018 means two things through; Part One of FFVII Remake will release the latest by Fall 2017 and that the game will actually release before 2018 hopefully (willing if this rumor has truth to it). I wouldn’t be shocked if FFVII Remake Part One misses 2017 (as it’s produce is busy with Kingdom Hearts III as well at the moment) but we will see.
Overall, I feel that some of these things (FFXIII Trilogy PS4, Steam PC Ports, Possible FFVIII and FFIX PS4/Vita Ports) could happen but other parts of this rumor seem a bit outlandish. I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this rumor! Even if this is false, Final Fantasy has an exciting 2017!

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