Daymare: 1998 – Invader Studios (RE2 Fan Remake) Original Horror Title Announced

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A long time ago, you likely heard about a Resident Evil 2 remake. No, not the one Capcom has in production currently but a remake made by the Invader Studios. It looked very promising and after having a conversation with Capcom itself, they scrapped the project to work on other ventures……..and today, we are finally seeing the results of long time of silence.
Daymare: 1998 was announced today and it was through a very impressive gameplay trailer. Lasting over six minutes, the game presents a very Resident Evil 4-styled game. Playing as a unknown character, the trailer sees a solider like figure exploring a ravaged town filled with Zombie like beings. It mixes horror and action in a really clever way, showing the teams past work on fan Resident Evil productions quite evidently. The trailer closes with the player character defending himself from a stronger creature and escaping through a locked door.
Plans for a Kickstarter in 2017 are announced and you can learn more from the trailers official description.

The first gameplay trailer of Daymare: 1998 is HERE! We received a lot of positive feedback in the past few weeks from journalists and fans who had the chance to try the game first-hand. So we felt this was the right time to show our progress and the concrete and playable form of our “creature”.
AND THAT’S NOT ALL! We’re extremely excited to announce the Kickstarter campaign for Daymare: 1998 which will start in the first months of 2017! The support and the passion of our fans will be essential to make the dream of Daymare: 1998 come true, giving life to the nostalgic survival horror that everybody is waiting for. Will you help us?
Daymare: 1998 is a third person survival horror game currently in development at Invader Studios.
In the late 90s, a terrorist attack transforms the unaware citizens of a little community of northwest America into violent and deformed creatures. The players are expected to survive to this waking nightmare that has its roots in a nostalgic mood. The narration is full of direct references to the pop culture of the 90’s and the modern gameplay mechanics fit perfectly with the old school survival horror atmosphere.
For more information about Daymare: 1998 please visit our social channels. You can also find the press kit for the game (from which you can download the trailer in HD and some brand new ingame screens):…
Enjoy it!
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