GameXplain: (RUMOR) Data Miners Discover Possible Fire Emblem Mobile Images in Miitomo

While we know that Fire Emblem is going to march on Mobile devices with Animal Crossing in 2017, we might have getting a little sneak peak at what the game might look like. Data Miners dug through the files of Miitomo and discovered images based on Fire Emblem.

Data Miners have found two images that may be from the upcoming Fire Emblem Mobile game within the latest Miitomo update! Get all the details here! SOURCE:…

These images (seen in the above GameXplain video) could indicate what FE Mobile might look like. This is a rumor, so this isn’t an official announcement or anything from Nintendo on FE Mobile. Still though, it is interesting to possibly see early concepts/images of Nintendo’s next mobile adventure after Mario takes his grand run this December on iOS devices.

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