BioShock Infinite: Backwards Compatibility Frame-Rate Test (X1, 360, Xbox One S)

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While gamers can play BioShock Infinite on their Xbox One’s currently through the BioShock Collection, the games surprisingly got backwards compatibility support for the system. Meaning you can play the original version of all three BioShock games on the Xbox One through 360 Emulation.
What does this mean? Well you can run the games with an unlocked frame rate with forced v-sync. So while tests for the first two BioShocks showed that they ran well on Xbox One when you unlock the frame rate, what about Infinite? NX Gamer was able to do a test across the Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox One S.

The BC catalog is ever expanding now sitting at over 300 titles, here I take a look back at the character driven narrative infinite that shifted the titles from UE2 to UE3 and some of the technical pushes the team made with the game. I cover the 360, base XboxOne and S model to give you all you need to know on this USP of the Xbox brand.
NOTE: The end section does show a capped at 30 FPS rate for the 360 against an uncapped XB1S version then shifts between capped and uncapped to show how much smoother the uncapped and V-sync option looks and feels.

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