Gravity Rush 2 – Animated Video Releasing on Dec. 26th and Demo Releasing Dec. 22nd

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Gravity Rush 2 is releasing early in 2017 but Sony wants to give fans something to fall into while they wait. First will be a special demo that will see release on December 22nd in both North America and Europe that will contain two levels (one for people new to the series, another for people who played the first game) so that way everyone can have some gravity-themed fun!

First and foremost, we’ve previously mentioned Gravity Rush Overture [The Animation], an original production by famed anime studio Studio Khara that bridges the gap in story that takes place between Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2. I’m happy to announce today that the anime will be available for all to see on YouTube starting on December 26 at 8:00 AM Pacific.
Last but certainly not least, we wanted to leave you with a special surprise leading into the holidays. Several of our PlayStation fans have told me they’ve been itching to get a taste of Kat’s new adventure before the New Year, so I’m happy to announce that the Gravity Rush 2 Demo will be available to download from PlayStation Store starting tomorrow, December 22.
There are two paths through this demo — one for those who are new to Gravity Rush, and another for those that are more familiar with Kat’s powers — so no matter your level of gravity-defying experience, please be sure to give it a shot!

The animated video will be produced by anime studio Studio Khara that will help the explain what happens between both the original Gravity Rush and this upcoming sequel. If you love the Gravity Rush series, then this is a wonderful holiday surprise! The original game is currently out on the PS Vita and in a remastered form on the PlayStation 4 currently, so if you want more gravity fun, consider checking those out after you finished the demo.
It is nice to see Gravity Rush 2 get a new home on PS4 and while I personally am still annoyed that it isn’t coming to PS Vita, it is great to see Sony & Studio Japan do such a strong job realizing the games art direction on the PS4 hardware. Happy Holidays Kat and keep on falling through gravity!
Source: PlayStation Blog US

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