Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and 3 Update from Dengeki Magazine

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Kingdom Hearts is celebrating the series anniversary in 2017 and Square Enix has a lot in-store for the franchise. The first thing is releasing the KH2.8 HD Remix for the PS4 in Early 2017 and it will include three elements; HD remake of Dream Drop Distance, Movie for KH Chi and original game where you play as Aqua through some worlds form KH Birth By Sleep within the KH3 engine.

A major update was released in Dengeki Magazine that details a lot for many parts of Kingdom Hearts in 2017.

• In light of the remastered versions, it does not affect the progress of KINGDOM HEARTS III and the amount of staff falls into a good number.
• In 0.2, the worlds of Birth by Sleep have fallen into darkness and takes place during the timeline of its first work. In regards to the creation of new maps, they’ve had a difficult time balancing its volume/content. Continuing from the same areas wouldn’t be as interesting.
• The height-and-depth is one of the features that came from the map development team. Because of their strong teamwork, I have no worries about it.
• Even though some parts of the system may be fundamentally different in 0.2 and KH3, it’s become possible to experience a ‘PS4 quality KH’.
• As for the lighting right now, we’ve wanted to present it without hurting the atmosphere, and we are receiving guidance from Visual Works and experimenting through trial and error. I think further improvements will be made in the future.
• There were trial and errors about the ‘Situation Command’ and how to display them so it doesn’t look like a simple QTE, etc.
• ‘Situation Commands’ are an evolution of KH2’s ‘Reaction Commands’ and they’ve become an integral part of KH3
• In 0.2, you immediately have access to top tier magic however I don’t think this is the case for KH3.
• The final trailer has been released with various characters, look forward to playing the game.
• We are unfamiliar with producing scenes in the next-gen engine and recreating all the character models were difficult.
• In KHBC, because the characters’ faces are hidden behind masks, we were mindful about their individualities.
• KHUx’s ’sin’ is a keyword and I think experienced players might have also noticed.
• Since KH3D was a turning point for ‘Flowmotion’, KH3 began from there.
• I think a packaging illustration to connect KH1.5+2.5 will not be drawn.
• In KH3’s development, they are reworking all of the models but please be relieved to know it is progressing forward as well as the timing for the announcement of new information.
• We want to tie together information for the 15th anniversary for the KH series but it has not been decided yet.
• We want you to play 0.2 after seeing the secret movie of KHDDD. KHBC is not connected so you can enjoy viewing it anytime.
• As for KH2.8, the ‘Final Chapter Prologue’ in the title means that the story for KH3 has already begun.

Seem like a lot but some key parts stood out to me. The development of the KH2.8 HD Remix will NOT interfere with the development of Kingdom Hearts III. Considering how long that game has been in the works (since 2013) it is great to hear that this will not hinder development on that highly anticipated project.
Kingdom Hearts 3 will be using the flow-motion mechanics from KH3D as well, which is really nice to see as I enjoyed those elements from KH Dream Drop Distance. And one major issue that KH’s development team has been working on is the character models. People have had issues with how they look within Unreal Engine 4 but the team is aware of the problem and is working on it.
Overall this is a great news update for Kingdom Hearts projects in 2017.
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