Nier Automata Gameplay: Hands-On Impressions from December Demo (RPG Site)

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NeiR Automata is getting a special gameplay demo releasing today on the PlayStation Network storefront but the demo released a day or so prior in Japan. RPG Site was able to spend sometime with this demo and it shows off a lot of the game.
This was a great video as it not only shows the demo in action (on a basic PS4) but people from RPG Site commentate over the footage. Basically, we get a good idea about what is happening on the screen and some background knowledge about the game being explained.
NeiR Automata is being developed by Platinum Games and runs at 60FPS, which is great considering how action-focused this game becomes when in combat. Your character uses two weapons (Light and Heavy) but also having the ability to dash away from attacks and you have a little robot helper that can shoot energy bullets at foes from a distance.
It gives combat a lot of options, makes it frantic and it looks like a lot of fun. As someone who really enjoyed past Platinum Games titles like Metal Gear Rising and Vanquish, I am looking forward to this game in 2017.

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