OutRun 3 is ‘On the Radar’ – SEGA Confirms

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The iconic racing series OutRun is a SEGA arcade staple but hasn’t seen a release in many years. But that might change in the future, as SEGA is showing interest in making new games based on arcade classics. Recently they release a new Dayatona USA game in Japanese Arcades and when asked about a possible OutRun title, they gave the following comment.

In an exclusive interview with T3, CEO of Sega Amusements International Paul Williams has hinted at a possible third iteration of Yu Suzuki’s beloved racing franchise OutRun.
Speaking to T3’s man in Japan Marco Zangirolami, Williams said that; “OutRun 3 is not on plan at the moment but it is something that is on our radar.” Williams also confirmed that he had previously collaborated with Yu Suzuki, stating; “Yes I have worked with Yu Suzuki on Outrun 2, After Burner, Brave Firefighter and Virtua Fighter. He is a creative genius and an innovator that has driven the video game sector forward. He is a real visionary.”

So while it might be a bit far off from now, we might be drifting under SEGA Blue Skies in the near future. This is great news for fans of the arcade racers, as the OutRun series has always offered enjoyable racing action. If we hear more about a possible new OutRun game, we will be sure to report on it.
Source: T3 – The Gadget Website

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